Welcome to Recycling Worx Inc.

Welcome to Recycling Worx Inc.

Welcome to Recycling Worx Inc.Welcome to Recycling Worx Inc.Welcome to Recycling Worx Inc.

Welcome to Recycling Worx

 Recycling Worx Inc. is an independently owned and operated  recycling company, dedicated to recycling construction waste in Calgary  and surrounding area. We strive to create a sustainable, healthy and  productive future for Calgary’s disposal of Construction materials.  

1. Recycling 2. Waste Disposal 3. Collaboration

What's New?

 At Recycling Worx we dedicated ourselves to repairing the Calgary and  surrounding communites following the June flooding. We had operations  running 24 hours / day in order to aid Albertans as much as possible. No  matter what comes next Recycling Worx will be there to take care of  your recycling needs. 

Why Choose Recycling Worx?

 Very few companies actually recycle construction waste. Most will claim  so but with RecyclingWorx you can be assured that every possible piece  of construction waste will be recycled. We recycle and re-use a number  of materials including woods, carboard, plastics, paper, metals and  asphault shingles. 

About Recycling Worx

 We are a growing independently owned company with recycling on our  minds. If there is some way to increase the breadth of our recycling  capabilities you can be assured that we will look into it.  

Contact Us

Recycling Worx Inc.

235247 Range Road 284, Rocky View County, Alberta, Canada

Tel (403) 720 - 9522